Android Top KPoP Music Streaming

Top KPoP Music Streaming is the simple radio streaming app and most listened to digital radio network for Top KPoP music fans around the globe and it is now available anywhere you want to listen with your Android device. The Top KPoP internet radio music streaming android app allows listeners to easily find the perfect station for Top KPoP musical taste enabling the discovery of music and talk content you won’t find or hear anywhere else.

Top KPoP internet radio music streaming is different from other Internet Radio services because this app provides each broadcaster with the platform and tools they need to create their own online radio station and reach a global audience.
For the listener, this means more unique, diverse, and quality music and talk content over other radio services like AM/FM, Satellite, and other Online Radio networks with robotic playlists.
Download the Top KPoP internet radio music streaming app today and start enjoying the best in internet radio on your Android device!
This application lets you live listen to the radio of all the Top KPoP genre from anywhere, continuously discover and listen to complete program of its web radios and also find last greatest broadcasts.

Top KPoP Music Radio Streaming Key Features:

- Play/Pause/Stop Live Radio Stream
- Both Single & Multiple Station Support
- Station List for Multi-Station Radio
- Background Service/Playback
- Notification Message
- Display Album, Artist & Track Info
- Display Album Art
- Works with both Portrait & Landscape Mode
- Different Layout for Landscape Mode
- Supports Android 2.2 - API 8 & Up

Feature Description:

Both Single & Multiple Station Support:

This app automatically change from single station app to mult-station app, when you will add more than one station into it. Multi-station mode has extra next/previous buttons to change stations.

Background Service:

The radio continues playback even you close the app. You can listen radio while you are doing other tasks into your device. The app is created using extending "Service" class. All MediaPlayer related methods are accessible from any other activity or service.

Notification Message:

Notification is added with this app. So you can get status of the radio from the notification. You can also open the app directly from the notification.

Top KPoP Music Streaming. Free with No limitation of use!

What's New:
Version 1.4.5
Fixed: PLS & M3U Crash
Fixed: Track Metadata Crash
Fixed: Station List Crash
Fixed: Few minor bugs
Updated: Layout Tweak
Version 1.4
New: Station List
New: PLS, M3U, XSPF file support
New: Volume Seekbar
New: On Start up, open last played station
Fixed: Album Art update issue
Fixed: Menu for os 4.0 & later devices
Fixed: A notification bug
Fixed: Button flickering issue for AAC

Get The Android Top KPoP Music Streaming App NOW!

  Get The Android Top KPoP Music Streaming App NOW!